Tell Brookhaven NO To Century Center Annexation

posted Jul 9, 2013, 7:05 AM by DECA Atlanta   [ updated Jul 9, 2013, 7:05 AM ]

Tell the Brookhaven leadership NO to the Century Center Annexation

The owners of Century Center, the office complex located on Clairmont Road, have asked the city of Brookhaven to annex their property into the city boundaries. We need to tell Brookhaven's city leaders that they cannot annex that property from our area. While the property owners are within their legal rights to make this request, the Brookhaven leadership has a responsibility to the area as a whole to stand behind the decisions made when they formed their city. Please take two minutes to sign the petition on to let Brookhaven know how you feel. We also need you to send this on to other people in the area and get their support. This isn’t just about our neighborhoods. The implications go far beyond our area, and will have a negative effect on the entire county.

As we hope everyone knows, the neighborhoods within the Dresden East Civic Association boundaries and the neighborhoods along Clairmont Road have the opportunity to vote to annex into the city of Chamblee this fall. This is the second chance these areas have been offered and it is happening due to voting irregularities that occurred during the first annexation vote. There is a lot of work to do before the November ballot, and we need your help with the first item right now.
You can also let Brookhaven's leadership know your feelings directly. In addition to signing the petition, sending them an email directly tells them how strongly our area feels about this. You can reach them at the following addresses:

Mayor J. Max Davis -
City Council District 1  Rebecca Chase Williams
City Council District 2 Jim Eyre -
City Council District 3 Bates Mattison -
City Council District 4 Joe Gebbia -
State Rep Mike Jacobs (represents Brookhaven) -

Please be polite and courteous if you send an email. While we all have strong feelings about these issues, name calling and insulting others does nothing to help resolve differences. 

This is a really big deal for this area. Without the revenue Century Center would provide, the city of Chamblee will have an incredibly hard time taking in this area without putting a larger burden on all of its residents. This is something they need to consider, and could possibly bring an end to our annexation efforts. When the city of Dunwoody was being created, a similar situation arose with the Perimeter Point area. Just as that area was seen as an integral part of the Murphy Candler area, Century Center was left out off the Brookhaven map because it is integral to the neighborhoods in our area. Representative Mike Jacobs noted this in 2011 when the Brookhaven maps removed Century Center. The city leadership of Brookhaven needs to be reminded of that, and be asked to do the right thing for our entire area.
This is the first step, and probably not the last challenge, in the efforts for our neighborhoods to join the city of Chamblee. Everyone who is in favor of making this happen needs to get involved and it needs to happen right now. Once we get through this challenge there will be a meeting for everyone to get together and get working on the bigger effort – winning the vote in November.

If links are not appearing correctly, please copy and paste into your browser to go to the online petition.
Thank you for signing onto this petition and for being the concerned citizens you are.
The Citizens for Chamblee Committee
Stephanie Walters
Elmer Veith
Pat Thomas
Bill Lowe
Leslie Freymann