Dresden Park Revitalization Project

posted Mar 30, 2015, 7:09 PM by DECA Atlanta   [ updated May 15, 2015, 8:41 AM ]
Dresden Park in Chamblee, GA 30341
In the middle of our neighborhoods lies a 24-acre hidden jewel that has the potential to bring a great sense pride to our community. The jewel is Dresden Park — a place where you could walk your dog, play with your kids, have a picnic, watch a game of soccer, or explore the landscape. The potential is vast, but this place needs your help to grow and be more than just another site you pass on the way to work or school.

When I was younger, every day Dresden Park was filled with families playing and spending time together. The park was wonderful, safe and my childhood was the better for it. I’m sure many of you who have lived in this area over the years share fond memories of this park too.

Dresden was also the place where many of us learned how to play sports. As someone who played softball at Dresden, I was pleased to receive a message on the Dresden Facebook page the other day from a man whose childhood experience at Dresden become an important part of his life. He told me that the reason why he was able to go to UGA was because he started playing baseball at the park. Consequentially, he developed the tools he needed to play ball in college on a scholarship. What a great recommendation!

No matter what changes the community undergoes, Dresden will still be a park for everyone to come to and enjoy, a place that will lure you with its beauty and fill you up with happiness even when you just need a quiet place to sit and think.

Dresden Creek
Studies have shown that living near a park is likely to make you happier. A 2013 study(1) from the University of Exeter shows the quality of life becomes greater by utilizing a park’s resources. Also a 2002 American Planning Association(2) paper states a well maintained park brings a sense of purpose to the community, as well as increase in property values.

Currently the park, while in the boundaries of the City of Chamblee, remains under the jurisdiction of DeKalb County. Chamblee is in negotiations with the county on the transfer of the park but it is mired in red tape. County Commissioner Nancy Jester recently called on Interim CEO Lee May and county administration officials to not waste county taxpayer dollars on needless litigation with Chamblee and to “implement the sale of Dresden Park to the City of Chamblee” swiftly.

Meanwhile, the “Friends of Dresden Park” is asking for help to revitalize this park. Dresden Park needs volunteers to help clean it up. Also we are asking for input and thoughts on the next phase of the park’s life. The organization will be set up as a non-profit. All grants and funds will go directly into fixing up the park. We are asking for people to join the team — no skills needed, just a love of the outdoors. We will be meeting once a month (TBA) to discuss future projects and set up clean-up days. Contact: Dresdenparkproject@gmail.com (Maria Holbrook). Please like us on our Facebook page- Dresden Park Revitalization Project.