DECA Joins The Atlanta ToolBank

posted Jul 9, 2014, 7:36 AM by DECA Atlanta   [ updated Sep 11, 2014, 9:18 AM ]
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By: Jordan Fox

The DECA Board recently voted to spend $15 to join the Atlanta ToolBank, which is part of an Atlanta based nonprofit called ToolBank USA.  

What is the Atlanta ToolBank?

The Atlanta ToolBank has a vast inventory of over 185 actual tools that nonprofits like DECA can borrow to advance our mission, increase impact, and reduce costs.  Available tool inventory includes cordless drills, ladders, rakes and shovels, circular saws and paint trays, and MUCH more.  

How does the ToolBank work?

DECA may borrow any amount of ToolBank tools for a period of time between one and eight weeks.  When borrowing tools, DECA pays a tool handling fee equal to 3% of the total retail value of the tools borrowed per week.  Late fees apply at 6% per week until the tool is returned, and DECA is required to pay the full replacement cost of unreturned tools.  

How will joining the ToolBank benefit DECA?

Through quick and reliable access to large quantities of high-quality tools, the Atlanta ToolBank makes it much easier for us to complete neighborhood and community projects!  ToolBank tools are not available for use by individuals; the ToolBank is a resource for nonprofits like DECA.   

Whether we decide to build a playground, help renovate/maintain Dresden Park, paint a mural, or organize a community clean-up, the ToolBank can equip our volunteers for a successful project.  In a nutshell, now that DECA is a ToolBank member we can check out tools year-round, paying three pennies on the dollar for each tool we use.  

As our more than 200 members can attest - ToolBank works!  For more information about ToolBank USA, please visit  For more information about the Atlanta ToolBank, please visit

To suggest a neighborhood or community project, please contact your DECA neighborhood rep or visit our Community Projects page at

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